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Becoming a Warrior

Becoming a Warrior
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In Africa, every young boy passes into manhood by proving he is a brave warrior.  Sakeluk is only 12 years old but it is time for him to begin his training.  His first test is sleeping alone by the fire. He recalls his own father's bravery when he was a young man in saving their village from a marauding lion. 

Becoming a Warrior is the first book in the Beautiful Africa series.  The allure of Africa calls us all.  The Beautiful Africa series mixes the simplicity of the people with the complexity of the various cultures.  It reminds us all of our deepest roots as human beings.  Ms. Lehan and Mr. Ngo love sharing their fascination with Africa, particularly with children.

Kathryn Lehan is the author of Save Yourself! The Plain Truth (2007). She lives in Houston, Texas. Lap Ngo spent 24 years in Africa.  He lives in Allen, Texas.

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Becoming a Warrior
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